Previous Westie Walk Photo Contest Winners

The following photos are our Photo Contest Winners:

Best of Show
I wasn't digging! Really, snow doesn't count.

Best In Group, 1st Place
Ladies, ladies. Who's in charge here?

Best In Group, 2nd Place
Photo not available

Best In Group, 3rd Place
Let's Get Comfortable!

Best Individual Photo, 1st Place
I wasn't digging, honest. Snow doesn't count.

Best Individual Photo, 2nd Place
Am I supposed to do something with this thing?

Best Individual Photo, 3rd Place
I'm dolled up for the photo session!

Best Use of a Prop, 1st Place
What chicken?

Best Use of a Prop, 2nd Place
I want it! No, I want it!

Best Use of a Prop, 3rd Place

Best Use of a Caption, 1st Place
And what do you want for Christmas?

Best Use of a Caption, 2nd Place
Yuki taking a Walk

Best Use of a Caption, 3rd Place
Do I Have Spinach on my Teeth?

Most Westietude, 1st Place
Go out a Westie, come in a Scotty!

Most Westietude, 2nd Place
Want to snuggle?

Most Westietude, 3rd Place
Can we go for a walk?

Best Non-Westie
I'm ready for the beach!